On Thursday 22 September 2016 13:27:59 deloptes wrote:
> to...@tuxteam.de wrote:
> > Privacy?
> >
> > See, sometimes there are reasons beyond technical ones. At least for me.
> >
> > (I alternate between DuckDuckGo and searx)
> Not sure where the red line is. I don't think searching on debian+p1109w
> would impact googles or anyones live in anyway, but each individual decides
> for him/herself where the red line is.
> I personally think that in such cases google is a good alternative, but I
> would never have private or confidential mails or information shared with
> them.
> But in this case I do not see anything of private nature ... well they
> might tag you of owning hp printer ... so what ... even if you get
> advertisements ... it doesn't really matter. You get and give. If you don't
> give you don't get.

But people are entitled to their own opinion on that.  You win some, you lose 
some.  Only you can decide where the line is for you.

I use Gmail*, but lie on Facebook and for Google registration.  I am called 
Reisz and live in a village.  I was amused that when I searched for my nephew 
on Facebook, he was difficult to trace because he too had lied!!  He too 
lives in a village.

*I wouldn't with what I know now, but there are quite a lot of advantages, and 
the horse bolted long ago.


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