On Wednesday, 21 September 2016 10:18:55 CEST Gene Heskett wrote:
> su gene -c "sshfs gene@shop:/ /sshnet/shop"
> su gene -c "sshfs gene@lathe:/ /sshnet/lathe"
> su gene -c "sshfs gene@GO704:/ /sshnet/GO704"

Others have explained how to generate keys. Then you can simplify the process 
by setting up your ~/.ssh/config file with something like:

Host shop lathe GO704
 user gene
 # private key file
 IdentityFile ~/.ssh/my_key_for_sshfs

If you want to use different keys for the several hosts, you will have to 
duplicate the config snippet shown above.

If you're not sure of the syntax of ssh config file, you can use 
'cme edit ssh' to perform this task.


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