Thomas Schmitt:
> Hi,
> Stephan Beck wrote:
>> How can you access this new account to generate an ssh key pair there?
[sorry for trimming]

> Greg Wooledge wrote:
>> sudo -u test bash
> Does not work for me (at least not out of the box):
>   $ sudo -u test_user bash
>   [sudo] password for thomas: 
>   Sorry, user thomas is not allowed to execute '/bin/bash' as test_user on 
> [...]
>   $
Yes, I was running adduser from the root console, as Greg assumed.
So, I saw/see no reason running sudo from the root console. In fact, I
put a # directly preceeding the generic SUDO (ALL) ALL etc. entry in
/etc/sudoers, granting determined rights only to specific users. (I
don't know if this affects sudo's overall behaviour). At least, it's
more work having to insert additional rights in /etc/sudoers for "test"
(in order to do a sudo), if I just want to ssh-keygen, ssh-copy-id and
then deactivate password authentication in sshd_config once again (to go
for pubkey auth).

Thanks for your additional comments.


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