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> whether i am calling -- python3 script or python script, or python3 >>>
> or python >>> and typing them in it's not working how it should.
> wasted a weekend thinking that i had messed up my code.
> so i was just wondering if others were having problems.  i'm starting
> to think that it's gcc version for python that is giving me problems.
> yet i'm not that smart to figure it out.

here on my laptop with an up to date testing I cannot see any problems
with Python. Can you provide more information about what happens when you
run your script? Does the Python interpreter crash with a segfault or do
you get some sort of Python traceback?
Since Python per se seems to run ok here (and since you can start the
interpreter prompt) my guess is that some third party extension you use
might be the culprit. Maybe you could try to import any module you are
using one by one from the python prompt and see if this is enough to
provoke a crash.



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