Le primidi 21 vendémiaire, an CCXXV, Mark Fletcher a écrit :
> Fetchmail isn't set up as a service through systemd, although mysql and 
> svnserve are. fetchmail is just started from this script (or supposed to 
> be!) and launched by hand from the command line when that fails.
> So at least systemd isn't complicating the issue.

Maybe it is. Unlike SysV init and the other legacy tools, systemd keeps
tracks of the processes it starts, grouping them as "units" using pgroups.
Your script tries to start fetchmail in background, using the -d option
(which, by the way, is not present in the man page for the testing version,
unless I have trouble reading); that would allow it to escape SysV init and
cron, for example, but not systemd.

I do not know the exact rules systemd applies to the processes started by a
timer, but it is entirely possible this is the source of your problem.
Remember when all the systemd haters started shouting "systemd broke screen
and tmux" because the option to clean up the processes in finished user
sessions had been activated by default.


  Nicolas George

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