I am running Debian Testing, and for the last two weeks or so, it is
impossible to successfully resume the system from hibernation.

The actual hibernation process goes through fine, as also shown in the
systemd journal. When powering the system back on, with the `quiet`
kernel cmdline removed, I can see that the hibernation image is reloaded
successfully. Immediately after that the laptop reboots for no apparent
reason, with the result that the file systems are not cleanly unmounted.

I have enabled persistent journal for systemd, and when booting, i add
`systemd.log_level=debug` to the kernel command line. Unfortunately the
error does not appear in the journal.

In addition to the foregoing, I have also run the tests mentioned in the
'basic-pm-debugging' document from kernel.org [1]. The laptop fails all
the tests, and hibernation does not work even with `init=/bin/sh`
specified in the kernel command line as per the referenced document.

The hardware is a ThinkPad X40 (yes, old), running Debian testing with
the 4.7.0-1-686 #1 SMP Debian 4.7.5-1 kernel. It has 1GB RAM, and a 60GB

At this time I am out of clues on what to check and how. I understand
that the hardware is old, but if it would be possible to narrow down the
problem to a specific package, etc. I will appreciate any clues or
suggestions you can give.

Sicelo A. Mhlongo


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