On 13/10/16 12:09, Lisi Reisz wrote:
I don't use Sid, so haven't tested out which package managers are good for it
when there are problems, but how about looking at apt or apt-get?  Ben says
that he has great success with apt-get.  Apt-get is much less aggressive than
aptitude - but less fully featured.

"apt-get dist-upgrade" can be very aggressive and should be used with caution. In my view, the key skill for users is to recognise when an upgrade is likely to have unwanted effects. This requires caution and experience. Users who proceed with upgrades without considering the possible effects will have unpleasant experiences. A small amount of effort to investigate unusual removals or upgrades, such as identifying a package or looking in changelogs, will go a long way to improving user experience.

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