John Gathm:
> Hi
> just not running anything.
> Just discovering that a behavior of previous Debian installer is either
> broken or has been removed, and asking if others see the same behavior.
> Will report a bug.
> J.G

well, I gave you the info so that you were able to see that the
documentation is *aware of the fact* that from wheezy installer to
jessie installer things have changed, and therefore it's probable that
you run into issues here. You are always free to file a bug, but you can
also check if there has been a documented change in (1), that might
affect your installation process.

3.1.2. Automated installation

    Some changes mentioned in the previous section also imply changes
    in the support in the installer for automated installation using
    preconfiguration files. This means that if you have existing
    preconfiguration files that worked with the wheezy installer, you
    cannot expect these to work with the new installer without

    The Installation Guide (https://www.debian.org/releases/jessie/
    installmanual) has an updated separate appendix with extensive
    documentation on using preconfiguration.

It was Section 3.1.2 of Jessie's release notes, not 3.2, as I
erroneously stated in my previous mail.



(1) https://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/News/

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