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> hello,
> I have a lot of difficulties to use my Canon ip 4850 in Jessie.
> The guntenprint driver reconize my printer. I doesn't get the paper from
> the cassette; anyway I choose cassette instead of automatic and after
> rebooting the printer print a dozen of page test.Nice !
> The problem is, every time i print a document, the first page is
> "Confidential" with all data of the printer and after it prints my
> document.
> Not really ecologic for the paper lost.
> Any idea ?
> PS : Sorry for my poor english

Hi, your English is fine :)

Congratulations on getting the printer working. It sounds like there
might be a setting somewhere that you can change. You'd be looking for
something that will say something-something about  "include cover
letter", something like that.

It's been maybe 15 years ago since I ever last encountered that. I
remember seeing it for something related to FAX, maybe. It seems safe
to a-sume there might be a similar feature you can toggle (click on
and off) if you can just track it down with respect to printer

Good luck with that last little hurdle!

Cindy :)

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