On 2016-10-17, e Lpe <m2lepre...@gmail.com> wrote:
> "It appears you have a banner page; have you tried navigating with your
> browser to localhost:631/admin default options/Banners and setting
> 'Starting banner' and 'Ending banner' to 'none,' if one or both are
> indeed set to 'classified?'
> I tried to connect at localhost:631/admin but i can't : connexion failed
> (on my browser)

Maybe the service isn't running (or something). I'm not familiar with

Perhaps something in this thread might be helpful:


And this option (as root)?

>> lpadmin -o job-sheets-default=none

I see in your response to B. that you have job-sheets set to
'confidential,' and that's your banner I believe.

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