On Mon 17 Oct 2016 at 11:49:14 -0400, e Lpe wrote:

> I didn't touch anything for the moment. an
> I tried to install the canon driver for debian downoaded from canon but I
> can't install it because libtiff4 is need and  the process stops from
> itself.

Installing the Canon driver will do nothing for your problem with not
being able to connect to localhost:631. Leave it - you will end up in
more of a mess.

> I don't know if in this case it write some .conf files.
> At first I tried localhost et but I can't connect to
> the server

Your lpstat and lpoptions outputs show you managed to install your USB
printer. "job-sheets=confidential" is not a default so you must have
done something to alter the defaults during or after installing the
queue. How did you insall the printer? Using your browser or with
something like system-config-printer?


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