Hi Aravind

I am having a similar problem, if not the identical one. I believe it is a systemd issue.

Here is a workaround that works for me.

1. Close all GUI windows and log out of the GUI.

2. Press Ctrl/Alt/F1 to obtain a console window.

3. Log in as root and shut down to single user mode using the command

shutdown now

At the message saying that you need to issue the root password in order to do system maintenance, issue the root password.

4. Shutdown the computer completely by issuing

shutdown -h now

I hope this helps.



Hello Sir

This Is Aravind From India

We Are Very Much Or Purely New To Debain And We Install Debian Jessie
8.6 In The Dell Inspiron i3551 And We Use Gnome GUI And While We Try To
Shutdown The Computer It Dont Shutdown Properly And When We Try To
Restart The Cmputer It Will Shutdown The System And We Didn't Know How
To Solve The Problem And We Google It About The Issue We Didn't Find The
Proper Answer For The Issue And We Are Requested The Team To Help Us To
Resolve Problem.

We Are Looking Forward From You.

Thanks You

Best Regards
Aravind Kumar

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