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Doug <dmcgarr...@optonline.net> wrote:

> On 11/29/2016 03:23 PM, David Niklas wrote:
> > Every so often I see something very much like this on the debian
> > mailing list.
> > I want to know, do people really get a job this way?
> > Is this list really intended for these kinds of emails?
> > On Wed, 16 Nov 2016 15:37:37 +0000 (UTC)
> > debian-user-digest-requ...@lists.debian.org wrote:  
> >> I am an entry level/junior/beginner Information Technology
> >> Specialist/Systems Engineer/Linux Server Administrator/Helpdesk
> >> Support/Computer Technician available for hire anywhere in the
> >> world!!! Prospective employers, businesses and companies in any
> >> part of the world please feel free to contact me for my curriculum
> >> vitae/resume.
> There is always LinkedIn, but when you're looking for a job, all
> avenues are better than just a few. I wouldn't condemn him, altho I
> must say that I would not have thought of this path.

I'm afraid I would condemn him ... well 'condemn' is a bit harsh, but
I'd criticise him on behalf of myself and all the other overworked
sysadmins who get too much email as it is, especially from high-volume
lists such as debian-user (which is, after all, *not* a
recruitment/job-search mechanism).

I would say it's okay to include a .sig describing your employment
needs, but that's the limit of acceptability - max 3 lines.  Something
like "Experienced sysadmin/developer available for hire - 10 years
admin on all kinds of Un*x, and 5 years C++ programming.  Please email
me for more details".  And this .sig may *only* be attached to an email
on the list which discusses something relevant to the list charter -
otherwise it's spam.


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