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> gene i can understand your pain.  one of the reasons that i don't
> necessarily like sudo systems.
> one of the first things that i do when i have a sudo system, ubuntu,
> lmde, raspbian, is to 'sudo su' and then 'passwd' to actually set a
> root password.
> i have found that this has remedied the situation that you have
> described here.  with doing the above you wouldn't have to mount the
> sd somewhere else, you just make a new password for root.

The last time I tried that, some years ago, it demanded the old passwd 
first. I think that was about Red Hat 7.1's day. I'd been using it since 
1998 and 5.0.

> i hope that this helps some for future reference.
If no pw is needed, great.
> take care
> em

Well, I am behind a dd-wrt install, which has not been penetrated in over 
a decade of using it. I am the only user unless the Mrs wants to sit 
down and answer an email from her niece in noo yauwk.

That doesn't happen too often as she is getting awful close to dragging 
an oxygen bottle around, COPD, and because computer keyboards scare her 
with all those strange keys and a mouse may as well be a roulette wheel.  
So I'm it. She doesn't even have an account on this box.  So it doesn't 
bither me a bot that the root pw is a linefeed on that little SBC. If 
somehow, someone does root it, I'll always have lst night's amanda 
backup of it. Gotta run, I'm cooking.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
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