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On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 11:37:40PM +0100, Francesco Porro wrote:
> Hi guys, It's the first time I'm posting here. I'm both a Fedora and
> Debian user.
> Which backup tool do you use?
> At this time I feel comfortable with rsync [...]


To a LUKS-encrypted USB drive (my laptop's drive is LUKS, so it seemed
to be a majot weak point to have all on an unencrpted thumb I could lose
anytime ;-)

The command is wrapped up in some 8 lines of bash making sure home exists
and does basically:

  rsync -av --delete --filter="merge $home/.backup/filter" $home/ $backup/

deferring the filter to file ~/.backup/filter, which says:

  - /.cache/
  - /.config/
  [...other stuff to exclude...]
  dir-merge .backup-filter

The nice tidbit is the "dir-merge": this way, I can drop a filter in each
directory I don't want to back up completely, excluding all or part of
its files/subdirs (e.g. the build subdir of some biggish thing or a
typical junk download dir).

I'm so happy with that set up that I don't even think of changing that.

*Should* I some time be very bored, my next step would be to have a
live/install Debian partition on the stick (which I would somehow keep
up to date) to be able to do "bare metal" recovery, should my main
machine go down in flames.

KISS (although: rsync is smart, but simple? ;-)

- -- tomás
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