On Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 01:03:53AM +0200, Anders Wegge Keller wrote:
Hi Debian User!

I write to you, because it's that time again. You know, we've gotten a
brand new release, and I have to spend yet a day or two in frustration over
why python isn't enabled in the inn2 package.

This time, however, I want to ask beforehand, what the proper way of doing
such a local modification is. Strictly speaking, I need to add a single line
to debian/rules, and for good measure, add to the version string (so I know
that it's my own problem), and for good measure, throw in a snide comment in
the changelog about deficient distro defaults. The ideal solution would be
something that can be scripted to happen automatically, each time the
package in Stretch change version.

Can anyone give me the ELI5 instructions for the above?

There is, as far as I'm aware, no automatic system for local patches
(apt-build seems close, but I don't *think* it supports patches). So,
instead, try something like the following:

        apt-get source mypackage
        apt-get build-dep mypackage
        cd mypackage-*
        editor debian/rules
        dch -i
        debuild -uc -us
        dpkg -i ../mypackage_*.deb

(dch and debuild are in the pacakge devscripts)

This may not work in every instance, but check for any errors that
debuild gives you (for instance, you may be required to do "dpkg-source
--commit" before building)


For more information, please reread.

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