On 08/02/18 15:36, Erik Christiansen wrote:
>> Please don't use "class B" to mean /16. Firstly, it's decades out of
>> date, and secondly, that range was never in the class B section.
> I'm decades out of date too, so it's apt. The intended audience can
> probably discern the message that a broader common netmask doesn't weigh
> more than a precisely fitted one which might or might not work as
> expected. Fastidious fusspotting on minor terminology matters does not
> contribute anything to the meat of the matter, no matter how much it
> massages the author's ego.

The thing is, I don't consider this a minor terminology matter. It's
adding confusion to the subject by persisting with out of date concepts.
We'd all be better off forgetting about classes, but people keep
bringing them back up again ...


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