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>       I can't find it but I suppose you mean several connections on the same 
> interface, since the official website says two interfaces won't be possible 
> before version 2.0 (last one is 1.7.5). 
>                       https://answers.launchpad.net/wicd/+faq/1868

Technically, the answer to your first post is the three files
/etc/wicd/*conf whose location emphasises that its effect is designed
to be system-wide: when you logout (or before you login), the
connections are left up for further use. (There's a ~/.wicd/ which is
left empty, confirming that that is *not* where any configuration is

Your guess in this post is correct. From man wicd:

 For wired connections, users have many options for determining what
 network settings to use.  Wicd allows creation of an unlimited number
 of wired profiles, each of which has its own unique settings.  The
 user can choose to automatically connect to a selected default
 profile, choose a profile from a pop-up window every time wicd
 connects, or have wicd automatically choose the last profile used to
 manually connect.

IOW wicd is to make it easy for ornery users to dynamically find and
configure a (=one) network connection wherever they find themselves,
through any of a cli, gui, or tui (curses, what I use; works in a VC).

But if you're plumbed in with two or more NICs, I think you'd be
better off using /etc/network/interfaces. And the newish interface
naming scheme may help you to be sure of which NIC is which, even
when they're identical models (unlike in days of yore).


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