> # skip rules for inappropriate block devices
> KERNEL=="fd*|mtd*|nbd*|gnbd*|btibm*|dm-*|md*|sdd", 
> GOTO="persistent_storage_end"

That's a neighbor of where i once stopped to experiment.
So now:


But still immediate "No medium" and nearly immediate ejection of tray.
(It seems that it ejects if the previously inserted tray was empty.)

I switched off-and-on the USB box with the drive. No improvement. Grrr.

> bs=65536, then count=122,070 covers 8Gb [...]
> 7999979520 bytes (8.0 GB) copied, 399.487 s, 20.0 MB/s

Sparsely and only ISO GBs.
I'd rather assume the larger count=131072 = 8589934592 = 8 GiB.

> dd if=/dev/sdd of=rock-img-shrunk.img bs=65536 count=122070
> gparted can't see a thing except an empty card. WTF?

Here you copied /dev/sdd to rock-img-shrunk.img.

Quote from the other thread, "a hexeditor please":
> Used dd to make a file of the first 8Gb, wrote that 8Gb to another
> identical 64Gb card.

By what command did you copy the file to the other card ?

What do other partition editors report about rock-img-shrunk.img 
and the other card ?
  /sbin/fdisk -l rock-img-shrunk.img
  /sbin/fdisk -l /dev/sdd

(I assume they do not need hdparm -z which lets the kernel re-assess the
 partition table.)

> Do we have a better hex editor?

First parts of partition tables should be to see within the first 1024 bytes.

  dd if=/dev/sdd bs=1024 count=1 | od -t x1 | less

The partition table of an MBR begins at byte 446, octal: 0676.
It ends 64 bytes later before 0776, where you should read "55 aa".

GPT header begins at byte 512, octal 01000, by "EFI PART":
  0001000 45 46 49 20 50 41 52 54 ...

Have a nice day :)


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