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> > There once was a hacker from Bali
> > Who did her forensics on Kali
> > One day to be rude
> > She posed in the nude
> > Got fingered by Tom, Dick, and Sally.
> The meter and scansion of that are better, but the first syllable of the
> rhyming word isn't consistent.
> The "a" in at least one (and I think both) of "Bali" and "Kali" matches
> one in "call", "fall", "mall", or "wall", or the "o" in "doll"; by
> contrast, the "a" in "Sally" matches the one in "pal", "Hal", or
> "shall".

Interesting, I guess it depends how you pronounce things.  I would pronounce 
Bali as in Bali Hai (sp?) from an old show or movie or something, where Bali 
is like B(Hal) Lee.  Is there an official pronunciation of Bali and Kali as in 
the distros?

Anyway, not a big deal, I think I'll just think of it like in Bali Hai.

Have a good day!

> The name "Molly" would work for the rhyme, but isn't as good a match the
> stock phrase which is being referenced...

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