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> Gene Heskett wrote:
> > That, and fighting with my printer because theres no pdf of this
> > doco,
> >
> > <http://opensource.rock-chips.com/wiki_Boot_option>
> Hi, agreed that staged boot on non i386 machines is really fun.
> At least with raspberri and the Geode thing I used PXE boot to test
> the kernel itself. Perhaps its possible to do it with rock64. The
> advantage is that you handle the boot from the sdcard and you can load
> the kernel from the network. This way you do not have to transfer
> kernel each time to the sdcard to test if it works, you need to put
> the bootloader only. I don't know anything about rock64, on the
> raspberri it was the closest I could get - just an old 256MB card to
> put the pxe loader and boot off the network. It saved a lot of plug
> and unplug of sdcards.
> It seems also you could put all your code to image and make it work in
> memory like those guys on slax did.
> regards

Humm, how about if the image lives on a spinning rust drive plugged into 
its own usb3 port? A 2.5" 1T?

rock64@rock64:/media/slash/home/rock64/v4.14.15-rt13$ ls
arch   COPYING  defconfig      firmware  init    Kconfig  MAINTAINERS  
modules.builtin  net      scripts   tools
block  CREDITS  Documentation  fs        ipc     kernel   Makefile     
modules.order    README   security  usr
certs  crypto   drivers        include   Kbuild  lib      mm           
Module.symvers   samples  sound     virt

I've a "make clean;time make -j3" running. htop session watching it in 
another terminal. Took 44 minutes last time.

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