Richard Owlet wrote:
> I'm having problems problems with:
>   font and icon sizes

Look in the configuration for "DefaultFont", "WindowFont", "Style.*Font",
"IconFont", "Style.*IconFont".

Icon size might be "Style .* Iconsize". I don't have that one in my

The default icon of xterm takes input and executes shell commands. Eeek !

I disabled this by giving it a pixmap for the icon:
Style "XTerm"           IconOverride
Style "XTerm"           Icon display.xpm

>   setting wallpaper/background color

I have in my fvwm2 configuration a block that defines initial actions:
AddToFunc InitFunction
 +      "I"     Module FvwmBanner
 +      "I"     Exec xterm -ls -geometry +150+85
 +      "I"     Module FvwmButtons
 +      "I"     Exec xli -onroot -fillscreen -border 
 +      "I"     Module FvwmCommandS

The root window is set by executing program "xli".
Further i get a first xterm window and a few Fvwm-applications.

> I find menu items which should address my preferences.
> Some don't do anything.
> Some don't give wide enough selection, particularly wallpaper

You will have to find where those menus are defined in the configuration.

E.g. i see a mysterious item "Keyboardclicks" which is a menu with three
In .fvwm2rc i have
AddToMenu settings_kbdclick_popup "Keyboardclicks"   Title
 + "hard"               Exec xset c 100
 + "Off"                Exec xset c off
 + "soft"               Exec xset c on
So if i chose "Off", program "xset" is executed with arguments "c" and

If you want you menu items to do something, then you will tell them
which program or script to start with which options.
(As said, fvwm brings few own applications which are also quite lean.)

For interactive experiments before modifying the configuration:

The module "FvwmCommandS" in my InitFunction enables shell command
"FvwmCommand". Its man page says:
  FvwmCommand lets you monitor fvwm transaction and  issue  fvwm  command
  from  a shell command line or scripts.  FvwmCommand takes each argument
  as a fvwm command. Quotes can be used to send commands including spaces.
    FvwmCommand 'FvwmPager 0 1'

Have a nice day :)


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