Rodary Jacques wrote:
> dd if=/dev/zero bs=2048 seek=16 count=4 conv=notrunc of=/dev/sde
> dd: impossible d'ouvrir '/dev/sde': Système de fichiers accessible en
> lecture seulement

Please show the outcome of

  ls -l /dev/sdc
  getfacl /dev/sdc

My french suffices to decode the statement and to assume that this
was originally EROFS "Read-only filesystem" before it fell victim
to i18n.

But if i have no write permission when attempting to write by dd, i get
  dd: failed to open ‘/dev/sdc’: Permission denied
which is EPERM, not EROFS.
So aside from the i18n ambiguity, i cannot really reproduce the situation.
But i only have USB sticks, no memory cards.

Can it be that a read-only switch is activated at the card or the
device where you put it in ?

Have a nice day :)


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