I understand you are a busy person and your time is valuable but did you have 
some time to look at my last email? (see above). 
Would be great to hear from you. If you’re short on time right now — no 
worries. I won’t bug you about it again. 
Many thanks 
Louise Levine 
 -----Original Message----- 
I hope this email finds the correct person. One week ago I sent you an email 
regarding your web page (copy of email below) and I haven’t yet heard back from 
I would still love for my site UKWebHostReview.com to be placed as another 
beneficial resource on your page here 
Please let me know the correct person to contact regarding my request or if you 
can help me out! I look forward to hearing from you. 
Many thanks. 
Louise Levine 
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I am Louise Levine and I hope you are well. I was browsing through your great 
list of links on http://www.kangry.com/topics/viewcomment.php?index=323 as I 
was looking through a list of web development-related sources and was 
impressed. Thanks for putting it together – really helpful! Specially the 
http://www.dragon-labs.com/articles/octopus/ and 
http://www.webmaster-toolkit.com/css-menu-generator.shtml ones!! 
I'm reaching out today because I thought you might want to know about a few 
broken links on your page- specificaly 
http://www.webreference.com/authoring/style/sheets/layout/advanced/. Other than 
that, it's a great list - thanks! 
I co-founded a hosting research site UKWebHostReview.com- which has basically 
been an on-going case study of hosting companies which I have tested (on a 
weekly basis) to try and determine the best performing providers. I have also 
created a number of in-depth articles to help webmasters like yourself improve 
and optimise their site. 
I'd love to know your feedback on my site, and I thought your audience would 
find it helpful. 
Might be a great replacement for that broken URL. :) 
Looking for hearing back from you. 
Best Regards, 
Louise Levine 

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