From: Rainer Dorsch <>
Sent: Wednesday, 30 May 2018 8:40 PM
Subject: Tea4CUPS: TEABILLING reports error


I have tea4cups configured to power on my printer before printing. In order to 
do this, I prepended tea4cups:/ to the DeviceURI in printers.conf (if I remove 
this and power on the printer manually before printing, everything works as 

DeviceURI tea4cups:/http://hpljwlan:631/ipp/

I configured the printer power on script:

prehook_sispmctl : /usr/local/bin/printeron

but I get unfortunately an error in /var/log/cups/error_log
with every print job and the job is stopped.

E [30/May/2018:08:51:40 +0200] [Job 16] Tea4CUPS (PID 9689) : Traceback (most 
recent call last):
E [30/May/2018:08:51:40 +0200] [Job 16] Tea4CUPS (PID 9689) :   File 
\"/usr/lib/cups/backend/tea4cups\", line 1502, in <module>
E [30/May/2018:08:51:40 +0200] [Job 16] Tea4CUPS (PID 9689) :     
E [30/May/2018:08:51:40 +0200] [Job 16] Tea4CUPS (PID 9689) :   File 
\"/usr/lib/cups/backend/tea4cups\", line 1214, in exportAttributes
E [30/May/2018:08:51:40 +0200] [Job 16] Tea4CUPS (PID 9689) :     
os.environ[\"TEABILLING\"] = self.JobBilling or \"\"
E [30/May/2018:08:51:40 +0200] [Job 16] Tea4CUPS (PID 9689) :   File 
\"/usr/lib/python2.7/\", line 473, in __setitem__
E [30/May/2018:08:51:40 +0200] [Job 16] Tea4CUPS (PID 9689) :     putenv(key, 
E [30/May/2018:08:51:40 +0200] [Job 16] Tea4CUPS (PID 9689) : TypeError: 
putenv() argument 2 must be string, not int

Is seems something goes wrong while setting the TEABILLING environement 

Has anybody an idea why that could be?

Many thanks



Rainer Dorsch

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