Hi Loredana,

I agree with other debianers that setting a forward to another email
provider for now should be the easiest option.

I think it would be a good idea to find an email provider that allows
smtp/imap clients, and as far as I know protonmail does it only in Pro
version. I know there is posteo.de that does. Also, there should be
some small local email providers in your area, the services are usually
on fee (normally quite low) but you gain direct support with setups and
all the rest.

As for command line email clients, probably the most complete one is
Mutt. There is a guide from a year ago on how to configure it with gmail
here: https://gitlab.com/muttmua/mutt/wikis/UseCases/Gmail

I know mutt allows different security features, but it surpass my
experience with it, as gmail might be demanding and moody in allowing
external clients.

You can actually set mutt and emacs to work together as explained here:
or here https://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/MuttInEmacs 

If you decide for mutt and stumble across configuration problems, you
can look for support in sdf.org community. It is a command-line based
community (you login over ssh) with an important part of blind users,
so surely they will be more knowledgeble than I am :smiley:

I hope this helps,
best regards,

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