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> > > less secure apps" option, and then configure POP3 / SMTP normally.
> >   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > 
> > Google's evil comes through the backdoor, without making any noise,
> > like Wormtongue.
> Explain, please?

Allow me to be short, since off-topic for this thread and most probably
off-topic for the list.

In the specific case above, first of all, definitional power ("we get
to say what is secure").

In general,

 - dominance on the server (adwords, visibility in search engines...)
   and on the client (Chrome/Chromium, Android) side.

 - mindshare: developers get used to do things "the Google way"

 - mindshare (II): users perceive an app as broken if it works

 - subtle behavioural knowledge about almost anyone on or near
   the 'net

(I'm sure you can think of two or three more).

IMO they're far too big.

-- t

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