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> * Gene Heskett wrote:
> > I have a list of ipv4's I want fail2ban to block. But amongst the
> > numerous subdirs for fail2ban, I cannot find one that looks suitable
> > to put this list of addresses in so the are blocked forever.  Can
> > someone more familiar with how fail2ban works give me a hand?  These
> > are the ipv4 addresses of bingbot, semrush, yandex etc etc that are
> > DDOSing me by repeatedly downloading my whole site and using up 100%
> > of my upload bandwidth.
> Not sure that fail2ban is the best tool for the job. Where you already
> have a list of IPs that you want to block why not just directly create
> the iptables rules?

just did that, got most of them but semrush apparently has fallback addys 
to use.  But I'm no longer being DDOSed, which was the point.  Thanks.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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