deloptes wrote: 
> Dan Ritter wrote:
> > Step 4: Why do you think it's UVC compliant? I didn't see it in
> > the manual, and discussion on the web mostly seems to be about
> > how mediocre the thing is when it works, always on Windows
> > systems. StarTech doesn't even mention Mac OS, and I think that
> > they would do that if it were at all honest for them to claim
> > support.
> Mac has its own versions of any hardware. When I was looking for DVB-T
> Stick, I found that the same chip is used in a different model especially
> for the Mac and then found out that it is typical for Mac hardware.

It's typical for standards-compliant hardware to work well on
Linux, Windows and Mac OS without issue. When it doesn't, it's
probably not standards-compliant.

StarTech has a reasonable reputation for both honesty and
compatibility: if they thought that a given device could work
without a specialized driver (in this case, UVC standards
compliance), then they would claim it on the package and in the

Since they don't, I expect this device does not support UVC.


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