On Lu, 02 dec 19, 19:09:55, Tomas Zubiri wrote:
> Hello, I'm mainly a browser user, the OS is a thin shell that I require to
> run a browser,
> I check my email in GMail, do my finances in google sheets, use whatsapp
> through a web interface, banking through a browser interface, etc...
> Is there a windows manager that would allow me to split a tab into a new
> window such that the new window is recognized as a separate application?
> Here's a couple of possible integrations,
> Windows manager could use favicon on OS toolbar.
> Navigation with alt+tab would work making alt+~ unnecessary.
> Webapps could be pinned to OS toolbar, effectively providing an
> 'installation' UX mechanism that is technically equal to the command
> 'browser-app url'.
> This sounds pretty cool, but the window manager I'm using (gnome) doesn't
> support any of it. Any alternative window manager (or os) I could look into?

You are describing Chromium OS / Chrome OS.

To stay slightly on topic, depending on how powerful the machine is you 
would be using for it one can run Debian in a chroot (see the crouton 
project) or in a container (crostini project).

Chrome OS (not sure about Chromium OS) also supports installing Android 
Apps (make sure this is enabled for the specific Chromebook you might be 
considering). At some point Android Apps worked significantly better on 
ARM machines, though this might have changed in the meantime.

If you don't care about Android Apps in my opinion a very interesting 
option is the Pinebook Pro (200$ + shipping and custom taxes). 
Apparently its SoC (RK3399, also known as OP1) was designed specifically 
for Chromebooks (used in Asus Chromebook Flip C101 and Samsung 
Chromebook Plus v1) and the Chromium OS build for the PBP is supposed to 
be quite good. I'm looking forward to running pure Debian on one to 
replace my Acer Chromebook R13 (Chrome OS + crouton).

Hope this helps,

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