On Tue 11 Feb 2020 at 17:32:57 (-0500), Dan Ritter wrote:
> David Wright wrote: 
> > It might still track you when you omit the SIM card.
> > You might be able to disconnect the aerial if you open it up.
> Ah, you didn't read it either.

I read the panel at the right, but didn't click through to
"learn more about it".

I presume that the ability to make calls is covered by the item
"Quectel EG-25G with worldwide bands" (by a process of elimination).
I think my GalaxyY is "quad-band", which allegedly covers the UK and
US, though the latter in untested as I don't have a loose US SIM.
Are there many more bands?

> The PinePhone has 6 physical killswitches:
>      Modem: On enables 2G/3G/4G communication and GNSS hardware,
> off disables.

Presumably this is what they refer to as the "LTE/GNSS switch".
Obviously I'm meant to know that it kills EG-25G too. Naturally
I've heard of 5G, though I have no idea whether my phones are
2G or 3G. EG and 25G don't seem to fit into this scheme of things.
I guess I have to settle down with a dictionary of acronyms.

>     WiFi/BT: On enables Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication
> hardware, off disables.
>     Microphone: On enables audio input from on-board microphones
> (not 3.5mm jack), off disables.
>     Rear camera: On enables the rear camera, off disables.
>     Front camera: On enables the front camera, off disables.
>     Headphone: On enables audio input and output via the 3.5mm
> audio jack, off switches the jack to hardware UART mode.
> Just in case you need a serial port, of course.

Interesting. So sleeve is ground, and Ring/Tip handle RX/TX?
A handy mnemonic there.

My GalaxyY has an FM radio, as does even my Nokia C1-01.
Is this feature completely passé nowadays?


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