On Tuesday 24 March 2020 04:43:18 Rick Thomas wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 23, 2020, at 10:59 PM, Vincent Lammens wrote:
> > Hi Rick
> >
> > You could try openmediavault. It has an iso for the raspberrypi, and
> > comes with a smb, ftp and ssh system preinstalled, so serving all
> > kinds of client os's should be no problem. It also has a webgui, and
> > has a few plugins to add webdav for example.
> Thanks, Vincent.  That looks very interesting.  Are there plugins to
> handle NFS (for Linux clients) and AFP (for Mac clients)?  Or (since
> both of them do speak SMB, whatever it's limitations) is SMB/ftp/ssh
> considered sufficient for all?
> Enjoy!
> Rick

Is this something I could use to ease my support burden in trying to 
supply an rpi4 version of LinuxCNC?

As it is, I am building it and its preempt-rt kernel on the pi, but have 
to jump thru perms hoops to move those builds to this machine for 
interested folks to download and use them. I have apache2 running in a 
perms sandbox. If I could make the build result on the pi available 
directly from my web server on this machine, it would be helpfull.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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