Linux-Fan wrote:

> From my experience, RAID1 on USB does not work reliably.
> See
> For NAS-style use cases, I consider single board computers to have an
> advantage mainly in terms of power consumption. In case one is going to
> run two (or even more?) rotating disks in conjunction with such a board,
> from my point of view, power consumption raises significantly making the
> use of an energy efficient "regular" system a viable alternative to
> consider.

So the conclusion is to take the SATA extention/expansion board. 
I saw some of them (4 ports) are coming with external power supply. IMO it
doesn't matter what "regular" system you take, cause the disk has the same
power consumption be it on the "regular" or on the rpi. 

I don't understand how power consumption can raise significantly because of
the board? Do you mean that processing the data demands more power on the

Look here exactly for the purpose:

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