David Farrier wrote: 
> Please help debug a communication problem with my TEAC DV-W5000U CD/DVD
> burner. It read and wrote reliably with my 686 PC. I retired that machine,
> and recently tried to move the burner to one of my 64-bit computers. It
> reads reliably, but when writing, fails after transferring approximately 150
> Mb. Writing disk images smaller than that usually works.
> Have tried various burning software, however will use cdrskin as an example,
> as I think its error messages more useful. At the point cdrskin prematurely
> quits burning, it complains about the host adapter. So, I looked in syslog,
> and about the time cdrskin fails, syslog reports the controller xhci_hcd
> reset the USB device.

My nearly baseless suspicion: the drive needs more power than it
is getting from this USB port.

Suggestions to verify/eliminate this: move it to a different USB
port (not nearby); put it on a USB hub that get power via an AC


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