On Fri, Jun 02, 2023 at 03:01:04PM +0200, Mario Marietto wrote:
Using qemu is out of discussion,because it is very slow. But as I said,bhyve
works better than qemu alone.

kvm literally uses qemu as its user space, so it's very much not out of the discussion. If you can't use the kvm kernel extensions for virtualization, then running under qemu gets you the same userspace experience with a performance penalty. bhyve has its own requirements for what cpu extensions must be present, and AFAIK can't fall back to a non-accelerated mode if they are not, regardless of performance. Sometimes you might want VMs to run, even more slowly, than to not run at all.

I get that there's some machine that you have that can't run kvm. I have no idea why without access to the machine. But that's not a general problem, that's a problem with some specific piece of hardware. It's not like kvm has exotic requirements--I'm running on some hardware that's
more than a decade old.

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