Ondřej Surý writes ("Re: GR proposal: give up on declassifying debian-private 
(Re: General Resolution: Declassifying debian-private results)"):
> +1 to what Holder said. I believe it would be better to have this GR as 
> simple as possible. And get into multiple options later if FD wins even this.

I'm afraid I don't agree.  As I have said, I am unhappy with any
option which does not clearly state what if any authority there is for
(or prohibition there is of) declassification of -private.  I have
come to this view because it is evident that different people have
very different views about the effect of simply repealing the 2005 GR.

If Gunnar does not himself adopt my proposal as an option I will
continue to seek seconds for mine.  I would also like to see Iain
Lane's proposal on the ballot, for the same reason.


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