Technically my half year sabbatical leave has started last week. One of
the projects I put my mind to is to work on materializing bikesheds.

If I haven't missed progress, we are currently basically in the state
where Joerg brought us in 2015. I was wondering what work needs to be
done (and which first) to progress.

I found the dak bikeshed branch of Joerg¹. I guess what is needed now is
to rebase that branch on the current state of DAK and then start
experimenting with wanna-build to see how this could/should interface
with DAK to actually do the intended builds? Is that correct? (Does it
make sense for me to try and setup my own DAK and wanna-build to play
with this?)

Is there any documentation at all (or even code) about ideas on the
wanna-build side apart from the stuff that was discussed in the BOF at
Debconf15 in Heidelberg?

The DSA was also mentioned as stakeholder in this, should they be added
to this thread and if so, what is their role in this?

I hope you can help me to get started, such that I can help you to get
this long standing idea into a working state.


¹ https://ftp-master.debian.org/users/joerg/dak.git/

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