Package: wnpp

Severity: wishlist

Owner: SZ Lin (林上智) <>

* Package name    : openvas-scanner

  Version         : 5.0.7

  Upstream Author : Greenbone Networks GmbH

* URL             : <>

* License         : GPL-2, GPL-2+

  Programming Lang: C

  Description     :  remote network security auditor - scanner

 The Open Vulnerability Assessment System is a modular security auditing
 tool, used for testing remote systems for vulnerabilities that should be
 It is made up of two parts: a scan server, and a client. The
 openvassd, is in charge of the attacks, whereas the client,
 OpenVAS-Client, provides an X11/GTK+ user interface.
 This package provides the scanner.

This package used to be in Debian, and furthermore it is available in Kali.
I will start from those packages.

Sun-Ze Lin  (林上智)

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