On 19/09/2016 22:49, Gordon Ball wrote:
I have put together a more-or-less working jupyter-notebook package [1].
This only requires one as-yet-unpackaged dependency:
libjs-jquery-typeahead [2]. Everything else can be satisfied from
unstable, although a couple of dependencies are technically outdated:

codemirror (>= 5.8, only 5.4 available),
term.js (>= 0.0.7, only 0.0.4 available)
jquery (>= 2.0, 1.12 available - but I think this is equivalent except
version 2 removes shims for old browsers)

Looks good.

The only messy part is google-caja, the upstream for which appears to be
a jupyter-created nodejs repo containing itself the static output of the
upstream caja project, which looks like a nightmare to package. Since
the generated output is non-minified, readable code and includes a
license statement I propose to include it as-is.

Last time I had a look, that was a single file. But if it's generated, I'm not sure we can include it as-is -- at least outside of experimental.

The upstream tarball is DFSG'd removing all the web components.


The resulting package appears to work (tested: markdown, simple python,
matplotlib output, opening the builtin terminal).


The package is only built for python3 - I originally tried to build py2
and py3 support with a common data package, but since this is
effectively an application and you can still run the python2 kernel
there seems little point packaging a python2 version and adding extra


The package currently only requires the javascript packages at
build-time, and copies the relevant files into the binary package. It
would be possible to symlink the files on install as well, but I suspect
it would be easier to freeze the set at build (should probably add
built-using headers).

I think symlinking will be needed to get outside of experimental.

That sounds wonderful : congrats for your work!

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