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David Prévot wrote:
> Le 22/09/2016 à 01:08, Sam Hartman a écrit :
> >>>>>> "Xavier" == Xavier Bestel <xavier.bes...@free.fr> writes:
> >     Xavier> Le mardi 20 septembre 2016 à 19:38 +0200, Moritz Mühlenhoff
> >     >> Nack. It's not an important package if we can't support it
> >     >> properly.  Let's not repeat the owncloud disaster.
> > 
> >     Xavier> OK, I understand the "official" debian point of view.
> > 
> > I don't think this is an official Debian POV, simply the opinion of some
> > Debian contributors...
> Moritz is an active and well known member of the security team.

That still doesn't make his opinion "official". I don't think that
something like an "official Debian opinion" exists at all.

> The current ownCloud upstream maintainers reached back to us a few
> months ago and are willing to help (or at least not be as obnoxious as
> the ones who drove the package away from Debian, and are now gone in the
> nextcloud fork team).

Do I read that right, the chances for nextCloud in Debian are rather
low while the chances to get ownCloud back in Debian raised due to the
obnoxious upstream developers left together with nextCloud fork and
the remaining developers are more friendly towards distributions?

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