Hello :)

Thank you for packaging golang-github-retailnext-hllpp.

It looks like the maintainer is set to Sipwise Development Team. Would
you consider to maintain this package in collaboration with the Go
Packaging team instead?

If you do, I would like that you take some time to read the following:
 - https://pkg-go.alioth.debian.org/packaging.html

Here are some things that you could do:

- Create a git repository in our Alioth team and commit your work,
according to the team's guidelines (use dh-make-golang!)

- Leave the changelog to UNRELEASED

- Point me to the repository, asking for review: I will review, build
the package, upload and then tag the repository.

dh-make-golang does things that helps with consistency across the team,
such as the gbp.conf file that ensures pristine-tar is used.

This is how I will test the build of your package:
 - gbp clone git.debian.org:/git/pkg-go/packages/<package>
 - cd <package>
 - gbp buildpackage --git-pbuilder


Alexandre Viau

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