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Package name: weewx
Version:  weewx_3.6.2-1_all.deb
Upstream Author: Tom Keffer <>
URL: code: - website:
License: [GPLv3]
weewx is a free, open source, software program, written in Python, which interacts with a weather station to produce graphs, reports, and HTML pages. It can optionally publish to weather sites or web servers. It uses modern software concepts, making it simple, robust, and easy to extend. weewx runs under most versions of Linux, as well as macOS, *BSD, and Solaris. Many users are running on the Raspberry Pi. Thousands of stations throughout the world run weewx, many of whom have opted-in to be shown on the station map at

Upstream provides .deb files for each releases, info about how to install (, and an apt repository ( ).
Some work on packaging has been already done (with now an old release):!topic/weewx-user/TtJ5bqJRP6k

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