Dear Miguel,

would you mind to put the packaging under Debian Astro team maintenance?
This would make contributions of others easier, and we would also help
you with questions and finally sponsor the package when it is ready.

On 01.12.2016 23:56, Miguel de Val-Borro wrote:
> * Package name    : gwcs
>   Version         : 0.5.1
>   Upstream Author : Nadia Dencheva <>
> * URL             :
> * License         : BSD-3-Clause
>   Programming Lang: Python
>   Description     : Tools for managing the World Coordinate System of 
> astronomical data
> GWCS supports a data model which includes the entire transformation pipeline
> from input coordinates to world coordinates.  The goal of the package is to
> provide a flexible toolkit which is easily extendible by adding new transforms
> and frames.
> The package will be maintained using a git repository on alioth.

The Debian Astro web page is

I am forwarding this to our mailing list as well:

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