Perfect.  I have the patches and will diff against what I have on my
gitlab repository (see my QA Account packages for the URL).

I'll aim to have it on mentors by Monday.  I never had a problem with
sponsors as long as the package is updated and lintian clean.

I have already merged all outstanding bug fixes and quilt patches into
the codebase so I will see what else I can incorporate from your
changes also.

On 2 February 2018 at 12:24, Jon Daley <> wrote:
> agreat.  I never got anywhere with a sponsor.  I'll send a link to my
> patches, unless alioth still has it up, but I think they erase stuff after a
> while.  I use worklog every day, both for personal tracking as well as
> customer billing.  I've also connected it to gnuplot, though it is a bit
> hacky.
> On Fri, 2 Feb 2018, Adam Bilbrough wrote:
>> I contacted the author who has agreed to allow myself to be the new
>> upstream for worklog.  I will work on the package and the source and
>> upload to mentors with a fixed, clean package after my other ITAs are
>> done.  Worklog is useful to me so I have taken responsibility for it.
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>> plain-text emails.
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