> On Feb 7, 2018, at 10:36 PM, Michael Stapelberg <stapelb...@debian.org> wrote:
> Ok, I’m getting there, bear with me. :) In my case, would I not want to 
> produce both a binary package and eventually a source package?
> Be careful not to confuse the Debian concept of source packages (i.e. .dsc 
> files) and binary packages (i.e. .deb files) with a Debian binary package 
> containing binary files (e.g. a .deb with files in /usr/bin) and a Debian 
> binary package containing Go source code (e.g. a .deb with files in 
> /usr/share/gocode).
> You always operate on 1 Debian source package (in your case, named irtt) 
> generating at least 1 Debian binary package (in your case, also named irtt). 
> We discussed generating 2 Debian binary packages (irtt and 
> golang-github-peteheist-irtt-dev).

Ok, that’s clear to me now. The solution of one binary package for now sounds 
best. I can have the same source package generate the second binary (with 
source) package later. I just need to get up to Debian sid and take care of any 
other lintian warnings also. Thanks!


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