Robin, many thanks for working on buildbot!
Very much appreciated!

On 2018-02-14 21:38, Robin Jarry wrote:
> This is hard for me to estimate the repercussions as I lack good
> knowledge of the JS ecosystem. It does not look like a trivial task in
> any case :)

At least for Node I reject the term ecosystem. Toxic waste dump?

Sorry, just kidding.

> For now, I am focusing in having only the server and worker packages
> (without any web ui) updated in debian with the latest upstream release.

Very good! If server and web ui are separated cleanly, it should
be possible to write alternative UIs, right? Like a console one
for us terminal aficionados.

> There is a small limitation in pybuild regarding building multiple
> binary packages from the same source package (each located in
> subdirectories). I talked with p1otr on #debian-python and he told me he
> may have a fix uploaded soon(tm).

That's good news!

> In the meantime, I am struggling to make the tests run and docs build
> with only debian dependencies.

If there are Python depends, that are not in Debian or too old,
do not hesitate to ask me, maybe I can burn some time.

Btw. maybe you want to maintain buildbot (at least the parts mainly
written in Python) within the Python Applications Packaging Team
<>? It is also at salsa:, but the packages
have not yet been migrated.

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