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* Package name: phoronix-test-suite
  Version: 8.0.1
  Upstream author: Phoronix <>
* URL:
  License: GPL-3+
  Description: Benchmarking and system testing framework

The Phoronix Test Suite is the most comprehensive testing and benchmarking
platform available that provides an extensible framework for which new tests
can be easily added. The software is designed to effectively carry out both
qualitative and quantitative benchmarks in a clean, reproducible, and
easy-to-use manner. The Phoronix Test Suite can be used for simply comparing
your computer's performance with your friends and colleagues or can be used
within your organization for internal quality assurance purposes, hardware
validation, and continuous integration / performance management.

This package was removed between wheezy and jessie. I have completely
repackaged it. I am not a DD, so I will need a sponsor for this package.

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