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> That sounds really promising. I wonder how to implement it for this
> package.
> The yquake2 package uses gbp-buildpackage, pristine-tar and mk-origtargz,
> which I would love to continue using. Unlike yquake2, this package doesn't
> combine two seperate git repositories, but both sources come from the same
> upstream repository. Also, I would like the component to be placed in the
> subdirectory vendor/github.com/docker/docker, but to it seems to me that
> "components" may not include the "/" (or I missed how the "/" gets
> mangled).
> In conclusion, this means that "components" may only be placed at the
> top-level source directory.
> I guess what I can (should?) do is adjust the debian/copyright
> Files-Excluded field
> to exclude all entries but vendor/github.com/docker/docker, and use
> declare
> a 'vendor' component. Then I probably can use mk-origtargz to
> create both the "orig.tar.gz" as well as the "orig-vendor.tar.gz".
> That would, however, lead to a *very* elaborate Files-Excluded field.
I actually went ahead and implement this solution. The result can be seen at

comments / opinions welcome. I'll try using this package to build buildah
before uploading to unstable.


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