Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I intend to orphan the highwayhash package. Highwayhash is a tensorflow
dependency, and I have already given up maintaining it.

The package description is:
 Highwayhash provides three 'strong' (well-distributed and unpredictable)
 hash functions: a faster version of SipHash, a data-parallel variant of
 SipHash using tree hashing, and an even faster algorithm called HighwayHash.
 SipHash is a fast but 'cryptographically strong' pseudo-random function by
 Aumasson and Bernstein [].
 SipTreeHash slices inputs into 8-byte packets and computes their SipHash in
 parallel, which is faster when processing at least 96 bytes.
 HighwayHash is a new way of mixing inputs which may inspire new
 cryptographically strong hashes. Large inputs are processed at a rate of
 0.3 cycles per byte, and latency remains low even for small inputs.
 HighwayHash is faster than SipHash for all input sizes, with about 3.8 times
 higher throughput at 1 KiB.
 This package ships the static library and development files.

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