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Owner: Olivier Michel <>

* Package name    : webots
  Version         : R2019b
  Upstream Author : Olivier Michel <>
* URL             :
* License         : Apache 2.0
  Programming Lang: C++
  Description     : Webots is robot simulator providing a complete development 
environment to model, program and simulate robots, vehicles and biomechanical 

Webots is an open-source robot simulator.
It is widely used in industry, education and research.
The Webots project started in 1996, initially developed by Dr. Olivier Michel 
at the Swiss Federal Institute of
Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Since December 2018, it is released under the Apache 2 license.

Webots uses a fork of the ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) for detecting of 
collisions and simulating rigid body dynamics.
The ODE library allows one to accurately simulate physical properties of 
objects such as velocity, inertia and friction.

A large collection of freely modifiable robot models comes in the software 
In addition, it is also possible to build new models from scratch.
When designing a robot model, the user specifies both the graphical and the 
physical properties of the objects.
The graphical properties include the shape, dimensions, position and 
orientation, colors, and texture of the object.
The physical properties include the mass, friction factor, as well as the 
spring and damping constants.
Simple fluid dynamics is present in the software.

Webots includes a set of sensors and actuators frequently used in robotic 
experiments, e.g. proximity sensors,
light sensors, touch sensors, GPS, accelerometers, cameras, emitters and 
receivers, servo motors (rotational & linear),
position and force sensor, LEDs, grippers, gyros, compass, etc.

The robot controller programs can be written in C, C++, Python, ROS, Java and 
MATLAB using a simple API.

Webots offers the possibility to take PNG screen shots and to record the 
simulations as MPEG (Mac/Linux) and AVI
(Windows) movies. Webots worlds are stored in cross-platform .wbt files which 
format is based on the VRML language.
It is also possible to import and export Webots worlds or objects in the VRML 
Another useful feature is that the user can interact with a running simulation 
at any time, i.e.,
it is possible to move the robots and other object with the mouse.
Webots can stream a simulation on web browsers using WebGL.

Webots is used in several online robot programming competitions including

This package is useful as it is often recognized as the best tool for 
simulating mobile robots.
It is used by thousands of research labs worldwide in both academia and 
Another package providing a similar functionality is Gazebo.
Comparing to Gazebo, Webots is easier-to-use and more powerful on a large 
number of features:
3D rendering, sensor modeling, physics simulation acuracy, transfer to real 
robots, etc.

We plan to maintain it on the long term as we are receiving European funding 
for that purpose.
We do not need co-maintenainers, we would welcome volunteer :).
We need a sponsor to get into debian.

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